New moon energy and what to do with it!

With the moon falling into darkness once a cycle (roughly every 29-30 days) the new moon marks the start of a new moon cycle. This new moon cycle sparks new change energy in you as well! With this energy, it's ideal that you use it for self-reflection, path correction and goal setting. So here's some things you can do, to get all of that energy and be productive with it!

1-Set your intentions- Take one or two things that you are passionate about and really envision them into existence. Make sure that they are clear and concise! An example would be " I want a new job that provides full time benefits and a higher salary than I have now"

2-Light candles- This tradition goes back centuries! This practice of lighting and charging your candles with your intentions during the darkest part of the month, is to bring forth light and desire. To charge, hold your candle and manifest or summon your feelings and gratitude, light the candle and let it burn out on it's own. **Make sure it stays attended**

3-Begin something new- The new moon is considered the most fertile time in the moon's cycle, because it leads to the waxing moon(No moon growing into a full moon), which symbolizes growth!

4-Create a sacred space- If you've been wanting to create a personal altar or meditation space, this is your time to shine! Cleanse your space of energy in the space you want to make your own. This is your anti-junk space, no clutter, no junk energy, just you and yourself!

5-Get a reading- New moon readings are amazing to see if you're on track to your goals, to see what's next, or just a general reading for clarity!

Upcoming new moons for 2020

May 22

June 21

July 20

Aug 19

Sept 17

Oct 16

Nov 15

Dec 14


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