Wax on Wax off

We talk alot about the full moon and the new moon, like ALL THE TIME, but what about the in between time? The time I'm speaking of is the waxing and waning moon. The waning moon occurs when the full moon shrinks into the new moon, oppositely, the waxing moon is when the new moon grows into the full moon.  These phases have a metric fuckton of energies that you can (And should be) harvesting! Let's dive into the waxing moon for this blog, I'll get to the waning moon next!

The waxing moon is my favorite part of the moon cycle! Watching our young moon grow to her fullest potential, always empowers me to find something to grow, whether it's something internal, a new plant, start a new product idea, or just GROW SOME MONEY!!! This is the moon to do all of your inner-self work to improve your situations or get yourself out of a rut.

Some things you can do during the waxing moon:

Manifest money (Grow your pockets!!)

Hone a new skill

study for an exam or final

spiritual healing

start a healthy food routine

charge your personal oils (last night into the full moon)

The options are endless! Just remember to be specific in your goals and manifestation. The big thing people misstep is when they ask for abundance but don't say what they want abundance of. What do you want an abundance of? Money, tree frogs, hair extensions, weight gain? You have to tell the universe EXACTLY what you want. So what are you waiting on?! Go grab this energy!

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