What's a smudge?

We've all heard about the ritual that's quickly becoming "trendy", but what is smudging? Why is it "a thing"? Where did it come from? Smudging is the ceremonial act of cleaning, cleansing, or blessing your space, self, and tools. It's an ancient cultural ritual, established by Native American cultures.

So, why smudge? Simply get rid of unwanted energy, from the day or encounters. Also to "reset" your home balance. BUT, it's not just sage! There are a ton of other herbs that you can use to smudge.

Cedar-Drives out negative energy, brings/influences blessings to new homes, promotes healing, purification, money and protection.

White Sage- Mood altering and energy clearing. Used for meditation, purification, commonly burned after a fight or removal of a toxic house mate. Sage is also known to be anti-microbial, known to clear the air of impurities and pathogens. It's also a great bug repellent, and can clear the air of allergens, dust, mold and pet dander!

Frankincense- Dried resin of the African Olibanum tree associated with meditation, healing, cleansing and soul protecting.

Myrrh- Historically, it was used to heal and embalm bodies. Commonly used for meditation, spirituality, happiness, transformation, strength, confidence and stability.

Palo Santo- A wild tree native from Peru and Venezuela. A sweet, fragrant wood, called "holy wood" or "wood of the saints". Used to bless and purify your body, spirit and personal space.

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